Why Holistic Dentistry Is Beneficial To Your Overall Health


In this article, we’re going to mention the importance of dental health to holistic wellness. It is known to all of us that poor physical health can be a result of poor oral health. As a matter of fact, the main entry point of the rest of our body happens to be our mouth. It is possible for infection and ailment to spread to the different tissues and cells within our system through the bloodstream.

In the past, medicine and dentistry were practiced simultaneously and it was comprehensible that our teeth can be responsible for making us sick. It would be interesting to note that dentists were also known as dental patients. However, with the advent of time, dentistry became more focused on the treatment of our teeth instead of fixing our health. At present, it is very difficult to find a genuine dental physician.

However, a gradual movement back toward the overall wellness of the body is being observed at present. Extensive research has verified the fact that our teeth can play a significant role in making us sick. This is due to the following reasons mentioned below:

  1. Bleeding gums can cause many serious conditions such as stroke, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, malignancy, premature birth as well as Alzheimer’s.
  2. Amalgam fillings consist of mercury which happens to be a very toxic substance. Apart from escaping from the fillings, it is also possible for mercury to get stored in the body tissues leading to serious illnesses.
  3. Cavitations can be caused by improperly extracted teeth and this can encourage the development of harmful bacteria.
  4. Root canaled teeth can also act as a breeding ground for toxic bacteria.
  5. The materials which are utilized to fill the teeth can cause allergy to you.

Holistic dentistry is actually a “whole body” approach to optimum health and medicine and it is embraced by lots of individuals at present. The practitioners of holistic dentistry are concerned about the entire body’s health and its connection with your oral health. According to them, poor physical health can be caused by inadequate oral health conditions. As mentioned earlier, infection and disease can spread to different cells in our body through our bloodstream. In a nutshell, it can be rightly asserted that holistic dentistry is a comprehensive approach to wellness as compared to the traditional dentistry.

Holistic dental practitioners are interested in educating themselves as well as their patients regarding the significance of the connection between our mouth and body. According to one Dentist in Fremont, CA, this type of dentistry is actually a mercury safe dentistry. Mercury fillings are removed by the dentists in a special way which will safeguard the patient to a large extent. A stringent protocol is being followed by the holistic dentists at present who make use of materials and techniques which are 100% safe and also compatible with the mouth as well as the body of the patient. Unlike the mercury amalgam fillings, the contemporary biocompatible dental materials are mercury-free, for example, BPA-free composite resin. Ozone therapy which is actually an energized form of oxygen helps to get rid of all the anaerobes in a natural way and thus it is considered to be the appropriate medication. It helps in eliminating viruses, bacteria, mold, as well as all oral anaerobes while helping the immune system to heal quickly at the same time. The results are simply outstanding.

Holistic Dentistry Infographic

Thus it is evident from the above-mentioned facts that holistic dentistry can provide us with lots of overall health benefits. You will come across many individuals suffering from allergies or sensitivities to the traditional dental materials are on the lookout for a holistic dental practitioner. Nevertheless, according to the holistic dentists, people afflicted with chronic ailments will observe a significant improvement in their health by undergoing mercury-free dental treatment. Every part of our system as well as our overall health can be affected badly by poor oral health. It has been found by studies that there is a direct connection between certain teeth and the health of particular parts of our system.

At present, as stated before, we are starting to observe a movement back to our overall body wellness and this is mainly because of the advancements in contemporary medicine. Since our teeth can be responsible for making us sick, holistic dentists play a major role in improving the overall wellness of the health of many individuals across the globe.